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Useful Tips For Traveling To And From Rocky Point Mexico

Frequent travelers to Mexico would agree that going back and forth to Rocky Point Mexico from the United States is easy, convenient and carefree. This is perhaps with has made the Rocky Point area of coastal Mexico so popular in recent years. Those who prefer not to fly will genuinely enjoy the ease of access that Rocky Point makes possible. Here are a few simple and useful tips for traveling to and from Rocky Point Mexico virtually anytime of the year.

Play It Safe And Always Try To Do Speed Limit

As with any other place in the world it is always a good idea to pay close attention to speed limit signs. Speeding in Mexico just like speeding in the United States can often result in a fine. Play it safe and always try to do the speed limit to avoid being fined unexpectedly. As an added note, it is important to remember that speed signs on the highways in Mexico are calibrated in kilometers. Fortunately, most vehicles today have both mile-per-hour and kilometer indicators on the speedometer.

Hats And Other Types Of Protective Gear

Another key consideration when traveling to Rocky Point or any other beach destination for that matter is to always have plenty of sunscreen available. It is also a good idea to have an ample supply of hats and other types of protective gear to ensure that excessive sun does not become an issue. Travelers should also remember that they are going to a beach destination where the evenings can become breezy. That is why it is a good idea to bring along a light windbreaker or jacket for any evening outings.

Comfortable Fitting Shoes That Will Work Equally Well On The Beach

Finally, shoe selection can have a big impact on how enjoyably your vacation ultimately turns out. Remember that Rocky Point is a beach destination, so comfortable fitting shoes that will work equally well on the beach, as they will on the road should be considered. Flip-flops are a popular option for those who like to portray a more casual look. Hiking boots may be in order for certain outdoor-activities while tennis shoes are considered good for various types of sporting activities. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about exclusive opportunities with regard to Rocky Point real estate.

Standard Tipping Considerations When Visiting Mexico

It is a given that different cultures and different parts of the world abide by different tipping practices and rules. Mexico is no different in that it has unique tipping requirements that are worth considering when planning a trip to this beautiful part of the world. For example, some people might be surprised to find that it is perfectly normal and customary to tip 1 to 5 pesos to bagging clerks in a grocery store in Mexico.

Wait While You Are Shopping

As an added note, if a bagging clerk offers to assist you with taking your bags to your car a small additional tip would be in order. In Mexico most people generally do not tip taxi drivers. However, there are instances where a taxi driver may provide additional services and in that case tipping would be customary. For example, a taxi driver may agree to wait while you are shopping in a grocery store or retail outlet. In this case tipping would definitely be accepted.

Automatically Add A Tip To The Bill

As in the United States, dining out in a restaurant where waiters and waitresses serve food typically requires tipping. The standard rate in Mexico as in the US is about 15% of the total bill. It is also not uncommon to find restaurants in Mexico that will automatically add a tip to the bill. This is becoming more common in places around the world including the United States. The standard tip for baggage handlers, bellboys are skycaps is about $1-$2 US. This is on a per bag basis and can vary depending on the quality of service.

Tipping A Tour Guide

Finally, those wishing to tip housekeepers should plan on tipping about $2-$4 in US currency or about 20 to 60 pesos per housekeeping visit. Other services commonly used in Mexico include tour guide services. Tipping a tour guide is standard and is typically around five dollars. This equates to about 50 or 60 pesos. Knowing in advance what to expect with regard to tipping customs is a great way to have a more enjoyable experience when visiting beautiful Mexico. As with any other place in the world, people who work hard and are dedicated to their service deserve a tip. It is a confirmation of the quality of their work. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for condos and villas in Rocky Point Mexico.

Great Attractions To Consider In Rocky Point Mexico

Perhaps one of the most delightful parts of Rocky Point Mexico is an area known as Sandy Beach. In many ways, Sandy Beach is an American enclave nestled within Rocky Point. It has largely been Americanized and in many cases is missing much of the Mexican culture that is rich and thriving throughout the region. The area offers excellent dining options, great shopping and beautifully clean beaches.

Easy Highway Access To And From The United States

Sandy beach is ideal for families with young children and is considered very safe and secure by anyone's standards. Best of all, while staying in Sandy Beach it is easy to access all that Rocky Point has to offer. This includes many other unique beach communities on the intriguing and delightful Sea of Cortez. Rocky Point is unique because it is just over 60 miles from the Arizona border and has easy highway access to and from the United States. In fact, nothing could be more convenient when it comes to an affordable luxury vacation in a wonderful tropical beach destination.

Excellent Fishing And Outstanding Mexican Culture

The area was once considered to be a quiet fishing village and now has become one of the more popular beach vacation destinations in the entire region. With warm water, clean beaches, excellent fishing and outstanding Mexican culture Rocky Point has become one of the top picks among those who appreciate quality Mexican vacation destinations. Even more inviting is the fact that while Rocky Point is a great vacation destination it is also an ideal location for investing in real estate. More people than ever before are discovering the value of buying property in beautiful Rocky Point Mexico.

Known For Being A Relaxing And Tranquil Location

Along with friendly locals, excellent nightlife and a wide variety of outdoor activities, Rocky Point is also known for being a relaxing and tranquil location for those simply wishing to unwind. Few other areas of Mexico can compare when it comes to a coastal destination that has just about everything anyone could imagine. Explore this beautiful part of the world and you will likely become a regular visitor. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about Rocky Point rentals, condos and villas that are for sale and for rent in the area.

Tips To Consider With Regard To Bringing Pets To Rocky Point Mexico

The good news for travelers to Mexico is that US citizens can indeed bring pets into Mexico. Dogs, cats and in certain cases other types of animals are indeed allowed into Mexico. However there are a few necessary steps that must be taken to ensure that pets are brought into Mexico in the right way. For example, travelers should carry a copy of rabies certificates in the event that they are asked for this documentation.

There Are A Wide Variety Of Veterinarians Available

It is also important to note that in most cases birds, rare animals and other types of livestock are not allowed in Mexico. As with bringing animals into Mexico it is equally easy to return to the United States with your animals. However, there are only certain exit points that will allow pets and animals to be brought back across the border. Most importantly there are a wide variety of veterinarians available in Rocky Point. If your pet were to become sick there are many experienced and caring vets who can help. From preventative care to emergency visits, there are a lot of options available to pet owners.

In Many Cases Putting Flyers Out Is Acceptable

Another consideration is the possibility of a pet becomes lost in Rocky Point. If this were to happen, it is best to talk with locals including taxi drivers and other local workers to try and find your pet. In many cases putting flyers out is acceptable in order to find a lost pet in Rocky Point. The best choice in this situation is to simply not lose your pet in the first place. Keeping close tabs on your dog or cat while visiting Rocky Point Mexico is always the best option.

It Is Best To Talk With The Shop Owner

Finally, many travelers may be surprised to know that pets are not permitted in shops and restaurants. Under certain circumstances a few bars and other establishments will allow dogs. It is best to talk with the shop owner before assuming that a pet would be allowed to enter. As an added note, cell phone service is patchy throughout Rocky Point. There are certain areas where cell phones do work, while there are other areas where it is not possible to make a call. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about Rocky Point real estate opportunities.

Do I Need Title Insurance When Buying Property In Mexico?

This is a common question that often arises by those wishing to purchase real estate at a large discount in beautiful Mexico. It is generally accepted that title insurance has been widely available throughout most of Mexico since the early 1990s. It is important to note that the purchase of title insurance is optional in Mexico. As a matter of fact, most Americans prefer to purchase title insurance when buying property in Mexico because it is a standard practice in the United States.

Purchase Property Unencumbered

Generally speaking, title insurance is a form of insurance for property ownership. A title insurance policy will guarantee that a property is free and clear of any liens, judgments or claims as well as other types of legal issues. Most experts would agree the title insurance is generally a good option for those wishing to purchase property unencumbered. By ensuring that a property is free of encumbrances buyers of real estate in Mexico as well as other parts of the world can enjoy a safer investment and greatly reduce the chances of losing money on a purchase.

Record The Title

There are a few simple steps that can be taken in purchasing title insurance for real estate investment in Mexico. One of the first steps is placing a deposit on a title insurance policy account. This is known as a title commitment. The next step is generally to wait a period of 60 to 90 days for the city in question to record the title. Once this is been accomplished it is then simply a matter of posting the remaining balance, at which point the buyer is issued the actual title insurance policy.

Variety Of Application Related Fees

Finally, along with title insurance there are typically closing costs involved in purchasing real estate in Mexico as well as any other part of the world. Closing costs can included everything from escrow appraisal fees to taxes and notary fees as well as establishing a trust and a variety of application related fees. One of the best ways to get the details right in this regard when making a real estate purchase in Mexico is to work with an experienced and dedicated real estate professional. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for the best in Rocky Point real estate deals and bargains.

What Is A Fideicomiso?

Many people who consider buying real estate in Mexico often asked the question - what is a fideicomiso? This is an important question worth discussing for those who are serious about buying a beautiful home or condo in Mexico. In short, a fideicomiso is really nothing more than a type of real estate trust that is held on the behalf of the buyer by a Mexican bank. Most importantly, those purchasing real estate in Mexico can actually choose the bank in Mexico that will hold the real estate trust.

Maintain Full Control Over The Property

Another key factor to consider is that the beneficiary of the trust or the buyer from the United States will actually maintain full control over the property or the trust. This includes making investment decisions, improvements and overall use of the property. In many ways, a fideicomiso is likened to a living trust in the United States. The beneficiary of this type of trust is considered to be in irrevocable control of the property at all times.

A Restricted Zone In Mexico

The owner of the property can lease, mortgage, sell or even will a property to another as it is done in the United States. In the simplest of terms, buying a property in Mexico means that properly is maintained in a trust that is owned by the buyer. The only difference being the “trust” will then be “administered” by the bank in Mexico on a buyer’s behalf. The fideicomiso is instrumental in enabling foreigners to purchase Mexican real estate inside what is known as the restricted zone. A restricted zone in Mexico is considered land that is within approximately 50 km of the coastline or 100 km of the border. 

Successfully Purchased Real Estate In Mexico

It is simply an area that is designated by the Mexican government that is intended to prevent overdevelopment and misuse of existing Mexican land. Buyers searching for property throughout Rocky Point and other destinations in Mexico should understand the significance of a fideicomiso and areas known as restricted zones. The good news is that large numbers of people have successfully purchased real estate in Mexico over the years and have enjoyed substantial savings and incredible beauty and luxury in this wonderful part of the world. Contact Rocky Point Dan today for purchasing real estate in Rocky Point Mexico.

Great Tips For Buying A Rocky Point Condo

Rocky Point Mexico has become one of the most intriguing and popular destinations in all of Mexico. Best of all, buying a condo in this beautiful part of Mexico can be an enjoyable experience especially when working with a knowledgeable and dedicated realtor. Perhaps one of the first tips with regard to buying a Rocky Point condo is to explore the property location in detail. Nothing can be more important than making sure that a purchase is made in the right neighborhood or right area.

Quality Of Life

Taking the time to explore an area at night, during the day and during the weekend as well as during the weekdays can give one a much better picture of what to expect when making an actual purchase. Equally important is to consider whether or not to purchase a beachfront condo or one that is off the beach. Obviously this will have an impact on price point as well as quality of life. Those who intend to spend a lot of time at the beach may choose to spend the extra money in order to be right on the beach.

Knowing The Association Fees

Another great tip for getting the most out of any condo purchase in Rocky Point is to know the bylaws in detail. Whether buying a condo or villa or other type of property, knowing the association fees and the bylaws associated with a property is well worth the time and effort. Along with knowing the bylaws it is also important to know in advance if there will be any special assessments associated with a particular property. Finding out that roof replacement or parking lot replacement is on the agenda can ultimately save buyers money.

Cost-Effective Way Of Buying Property

Finally, one way to get the most out of any real estate purchase in Mexico is to consider preconstruction pricing. Many builders offer discounted deals on condos and other types of property when buyers are willing to commit to a purchase before a project is complete. This is a cost-effective way of buying property in an area that is beautiful and in an area that is already greatly discounted as compared to the prices of real estate in the United States. Contact Rocky Point Dan today to learn more about purchasing your dream condo in Rocky Point Mexico.

Is My Real Estate Investment In Mexico Safe?

The short answer to this question is an absolute yes. Buying real estate in Mexico is a safe and secure proposition that tens of thousands of people do each year. Best of all, buying property in beautiful Mexico is more affordable and more cost effective than most other places in the world. Mexico is beautiful, friendly and inviting and offers buyers many choices when it comes to condos, villas and private residential homes.

North American Free Trade Agreement

Foreigners who purchase property in Mexico should know that the Mexican government will protect the investment and will not expropriate a piece of property unexpectedly. Something known as NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement makes it more secure to buy property in Mexico. It simply states that the Mexican government may not recapture property from foreigners except for public purposes. As in the United States, the only time property can be taken is if a major roadway or other major construction project requires or necessitates it.

Buyers Of Real Estate In Mexico Can Feel Comfortable

In fact, for the Mexican government to expropriate a piece of property it must go through a series of legal proceedings. Even if this is indeed the case the Mexican government is required under law to pay fair market value for the property in question. Buyers of real estate in Mexico can feel comfortable in knowing that their investment is completely safe and secure. This is perhaps why so many people are choosing to buy land, condos, villas and private residential homes in places like Rocky Point Mexico.

Produce Tremendous Returns And Provide For Years Of Enjoyment

Retirees and those looking to invest in a vacation home have discovered the value in buying property in Mexico. It's a smart and calculated investment that can produce tremendous returns and provide for years of enjoyment. Mexico has some of the most beautifully inviting beaches in the world and friendly locals as well as excellent dining and nightlife. Those who are active outdoors and those who enjoy water sports will truly appreciate all the Rocky Point Mexico has to offer. Contact Rocky Point Dan to learn more about exclusive real estate opportunities in Rocky Point Mexico.

Keeping it Real in Rocky Point

A trip across the border to the shimmering, crystal clear waters of Rocky Point can be one of the most satisfying affordable vacations accessible in the Southwest. However, the fact that you’re crossing into a different country adds an element of uncertainty that cannot be ignored. Indeed, things are different in Mexico because it is in fact Mexico. But those individuals who can follow a few simple steps delineated below can be ensured that their vacation will be enjoyable, exciting, and remarkable.

Passport Please

Having an international passport can make or break a Mexico trip. Imagine this scenario. You just had the time of your life dancing, drinking, and enjoying the sweet salty ocean. You are exhausted and are ready to return home. All you want to do is kiss the soil from which you came. You make it all the way to the border only to be halted a few inches from salvation because you have no passport. Nothing could be worse. It happened to Odysseus in the Odyssey, and he was forced to wander for another ten years. It could happen to you in Mexico, so make sure you bring a passport. 

Ensure you Have Mexican Insurance for Assurance 

If you are operating a motorized vehicle than it is required for you to carry Mexican insurance in order to avoid trouble crossing the border. It will protect you in the event that you injure someone in a car accident. Without it, the Policia de Federales might hold you captive until your debts are paid. Mexican insurance is very inexpensive and it is highly recommended by us at Rocky Point Dan.

Keep Calm and Drink on

Some of the hottest dancing and clubbing takes place here in Rocky Point Mexico, and by all means partake. But don’t act like an idiot. If you are going to get belligerently drunk your better off staying in the states. However, if you want to have a great time in a beautiful place for an affordable price, give us a call and come on down to Rocky Point.

Looking Back at Rock Point

It may surprise some to learn that Rocky Point first became a tourist destination with the help of the legendary Al Capone. It is fabled that the legendary gangster set up a casino and speak easy during the roaring 20’s which movie stars and millionaires flock to in order to get their kicks—not unlike today. But Casino was eventually burned to the ground after a tiff with Mexican government. And then Rocky Point fell off the map for a while. It was known only to fisherman.

The Genesis of Rocky Point

Some date the discovery of Rocky Point back to the 1700s when British Navy Captain Lt. Robert William Hardy discovered the coast of Rocky Point on a mission for the king in search of pearls and precious metals. But instead, he found and ocean teeming with fish. He even pulled a few Totoaba out of the deep blue which are fabled to have magical healing powers. Once word spread about the Totoaba fisherman began to flock to sea coast in search of piscubus gold. 

The Modern Era of Rocky Point

For a while Rocky Point remained a small fishing village visited only by natives and the most ambitious fisherman. But eventually people from Arizona and the Southwest began to flock to the beach located only 60 miles south of the Mexican border. Before there were realtors like Rocky Point Dan people set up tends near the coast and enjoyed the beach, the sun, and the company of each other. But when the beach got big, the resorts started spawning everywhere and thus Rocky became what it is today.

Party Hardy in Rocky Point (part 2 of 2)

Vamos a la playa, te me gusta bailar esta de la noche the sounds of fiesta! In English, come to the beach it’s time to party. Did we mention you can do it cheap? Inexpensive fun is just one of the man virtues that Rocky Point boasts. Here there is something for everyone, especially if you like to fiesta. Cervesa, Tequila, and margaritas are as abundant as water. In fact, most people drink more of it than they would H20. 

Bars and Clubs

When it comes time to visit Rocky Point, keep in mind that you are entering one of the hippest spots for night life anywhere. Wrecked at the Reef comes highly recommended by us at Rocky Point. Especially if you’re looking to dance with some fun, beautiful people, which are usually the type drawn to Rocky Point. But for those looking for something a little less sexy, and a little more family oriented, Manny’s or JJ’s Cantina are safer bets. Great food, mild dancing, and margaritas are the norm. Bring your kids and dance the night away. 

Beatitudes of Beach Bums

The rocky point beach is a blessing for beach bums basically because you can drink on the beach. Also, many resorts surround the crystal clear seas, filled with hotties and cheap cocktails. Nothing is better than swimming up to a poolside bar where coolattas are practically given away.

Come See for Yourself

The one point we can’t stress enough here at Rocky Point Dan is there’s something for everyone here at Puerto Penasco. Stop on by and see for yourself what all the rage is about in the south. Fishing, fun, sun, dancing and adventure can all be found here. It’s just a call away. 

Party Hardy in Mexico (part 1 of 2)

There’re a lot of misconceptions about Rocky Point, but let’s get one thing clear. The idea that there is more fun than you handle is one hundred percent true. Another claim that gets tossed around a bunch that we would love to lend credence to is that there’s something for everyone.  So whether you’re a food lover, a party animal, a beach bum, a human sloth, a don juan, a total diva, a smoke show, or just an average Joe, you will find what you’re looking for here in Rocky Point. But just in case you’re wondering what to do with yourself, below are a few helpful tips. 

Sail the Sand

In Rocky Point, the only thing you can’t do is surf—the waves that is. We have rolling hills of dunes you can traverse on your ATV that might as well be sandy waves. Renting an ATV is as easy as pie. Vendors are teeming in the local rocky point area and it won’t break the bank. Just make sure you exercise reasons when riding an ATV. Avoid injury at all cost. 

Beautiful Beaches

Before the good people here at Rocky Point Dan decided to construct the beautiful condos all around the beautiful beach, people would flock to Rocky Point and set up camp in tents and RVs—some of the shabbier beach goers just slept in the sand. Indeed, the ocean here is beautiful and there is no shortage of activities. Jet skis, paddle boards, parasails, banana boats, and sail boats all available for your pleasure. And once again, these activities are far from expensive. 

Taking a Trip to Puerto Penasco’s Oyster Farms

Rocky Point may be known as the hottest spring break spot in the southwest. It is also known for its beautiful beaches. But it is no doubt overlooked as a seafood lover’s paradise. Rocky Point actually started as a fishing village. Ambitious ocean men from California came to its shores in pursuit of Spanish mackerel, marlins, and oysters. But a remnant of the past still remains. Puerto Penasco’s Oyster Farms is the perfect way to spend a day. Getting drunk and eating oysters is one of the finer things in life. We suggest all take part. 

At Puerto Penasco’s Oyster Farm, one can expect a tour of the farm which brings in oysters fresh from the bay, daily. On your tour you will learn a little about bivalves, which means two doors, how to prepare them, and the best way to eat them. Moreover, if you find a pearl in one of your oysters, you can keep it! Let us also add that you can keep the oyster shells, which can be used to make jewelry. If you think your too good for oyster jewelry consider this. Achilles’ mother made him an oyster necklace for good luck before he pushed off to sack the city of Troy. You can also derive good luck from these precious oysters. 

When consuming oysters, we recommend a splash of hot sauce, even though oysters could easily be consumed without a garnish or spice. Also, a little tequila goes a long way when eating oysters. Something about a salt, distilled agave, and a cool buzz brings out the best in oysters. That is, the enhancement of their taste and the nourishment of the libido.

Cycling through Mexico

Rocky Point has more layers of enjoyment than a parfait. One can make their trip to Rocky Point a quest for night life glory; or some might seek the relaxing pulse of the waves as they sprawl out on the hot sand of our beaches; and others are simply looking to get away, and return to a simpler time. For the latter, we recommend a cycling tour. Rocky Point’s steep expansive mountains, and hot pulsing sun are the perfect way to let loose in a healthy, satisfying way. 

Batamote Mountain

This is a must for cycle enthusiasts. The wide open mountain range coupled with the ocean breeze will have you lauding the virtues of mother earth. The ten mile trail intersects with the Sonoyta River, allowing cyclists a chance to cool off and refresh themselves in the cold crystal waters. One can embark on their odyssey alone, or seek the expert advice and companionship of a guide. Expect to pay around 56 pesos (5 dollars) entry fee in order to gain access to the state park in which the trail is located. 

Safety First

Although mountain biking is a relatively safe activity, there are a few safety precautions you ought to take in order to mitigate the damages of an accident. First off, stay sober on the trail. Not only is this a bad idea for obvious reasons, drinking alcohol while riding can lead to dehydration. Secondly, do not skimp on protective gear. A helmet at the very least should be worn to protect your head. Also, it is best to wear a long t-shirt and pants in order to protect against laceration in the event of a crash. 


Some folks might prefer to travel lightly and leave their bike at home. If this is the case, we recommend Rocky Point Cycle. They offer several rental plans, differing in quality and the duration of the rental. 

Puerto Penasco Spring Adventures

Ah the spring, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the spirit of youth is in the air. Rocky Point is no exception. Many tourist flock to the golden coast of Rocky Point to unwind and forget about the monotony of daily life. There are no shortage of activities to fill your itinerary here. But for those who like to plan ahead, below are few activities that one can partake in.

Whale Watching

Spring brings the Leviathan to the warm waters of Puerto Penasco. Many flock to catch a glimpse of the majestic whale as they enjoy a romantic cruise, stocked with booze and provisions. We suggest looking into Del Mar Charters, Eco Fun, and Intrepid. Most of these charters will guarantee a whale sighting. This is the perfect opportunity to revivify a romantic relationship. Something about the beauty of whales as they spout mist from their blow holes creates a romantic ambience. 

Smaller Fish

For those who prefer to evade the great leviathan, we recommend chartering a fishing boat for the day. Those in pursuit of smaller game will not be disappointed by the abundance of fish teaming in the Pacific. We recommend Santiago’s Ocean Services, or Pancho Villa Boat charters to help you pull out that Marlin you’ve been hoping for. 

Tide Pool Excursion

This is essentially the hidden gem of Rocky Point activities. Tide pool tours are offered by the Center for the Study of Desert’s and Ocean’s (CEDO). They are usually offered in the months of April and May, and can be accompanied by dune tours. We recommend this to the family man, looking to show his kids a good time. They will no doubt be impressed by the interesting facts that your tour guide provides while surveying the miniature world that is a tide pool.

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